Mini Simulations

As I like to say, expectations rarely survive first contact with experience.

For those who want to practice for a major pitch or presentation, improve their ability to articulate their startup ideas and anticipate questions regarding risk/vulnerabilities, practice for job interviews with firms in the international relations space, or learn how to conduct better due diligence, a mini-simulation may be the ideal way to improve your skills before the real event. These are designed for individuals, and take 2 hours to run, including 1 hour for the simulation, and an hour for debriefing and practicing suggestions for improvement. The average cost for a mini-simulation is USD 250-500. 

Examples of past mini-simulations: 

- Preparing for a pitch to potential investors, and anticipating questions about risks, etc.    

- Rehearsing for job interviews in the international relations/geopolitics/political risk sectors 

- Practicing how to conduct due diligence/vetting of startup ideas, to anticipate possible vulnerabilities to political risk, etc.  

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