Milena RoDBan

Milena RoDBan

Milena Rodban

Milena Rodban is a geopolitical risk consultant and simulation designer. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, she was raised with a keen appreciation for the political, economic, social, and cultural forces that shape the world around us. Milena advises private firms, including Fortune 100 tech companies, media organizations, non-profits, and top universities, to help them successfully navigate complex business and security environments. She designs and facilitates interactive simulations designed to allow clients to diagnose problems, analyze major decisions, and integrate more effective communication, collaboration, and crisis response protocols. Over the course of her career, Milena has worked on projects involving more than 100 countries, with particular emphasis on the technology, communications, mining, oil&gas, and services sectors. 

In her capacity as a Global Fellow with The Project for the Study of the 21st Century, Milena frequently moderates panels and writes on developments in the political risk field. She is currently finishing a book about her ideas for reinvigorating the geopolitical risk industry.

Her past professional experiences include working in public relations, event planning, marketing, campaigns & elections, and higher education. 

Ms. Rodban received her MA at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and her BA from Goucher College. 

Her hobbies include photography (all the images on this site are hers), soccer, and tennis.  

Follow her on Twitter: @MilenaRodban