Geopolitical Risk Simulation Design Classes

Every company needs to understand and actively manage its exposure to (geo)political risk, and interactive simulations are an ideal way to help companies put that insight to use to make better decisions. To that end, Milena offers full day sessions for corporate strategy, security, and risk teams looking to better understand how they can address their company’s exposure to (geo)political flux, and use the information they’re already collecting to practice decisions, develop new ideas, and workshop strategies. Attendees leave the class ready to design internal simulations that allow them to explore complex questions, diagnose problems, and practice major decisions.

Introduction (30 minutes) - overview of the training experience and goal setting

Module 1: Basics of Geopolitical Risk and its Importance to Strategic Planning and Decision-Making (60 minutes) - substantive lecture and discussion  

Module 2: Basics of Simulation Methodology and Design (90 minutes) - overview and interactive discussion about organization, planning, and logistics

Module 3: Integrating Data into Simulations (60 minutes) - interactive discussion about identifying and analyzing incoming data, and how best to use it in internal simulations to improve decision-making

Lunch (60 minutes) - group discussion of morning modules

Module 4: Simulations Goals and Metrics for Success (60 minutes) - ensuring that simulations meet required goals and have specific metrics for success and follow-up

Module 5: Design Practice Session (120 minutes) - students spend an hour designing mini-simulations in small groups, while the second hour is spent participating in each other’s mini-simulations

Module 6: From Simulation to Action (60 minutes) – overview of creating effective after-action debriefs and turning the issues identified during the simulation into action, whether for better decision-making or improving processes/addressing problems

Additional information:

- Training sessions are held at company offices, and content is tailored to company goals, sectors, and strategic objectives.

- Full day trainings are best suited for interdisciplinary groups, such as corporate strategy teams, risk, security, and threat management teams, data analytics teams, and other individuals involved in executive decision support.   

- Trainings include the development of a customized simulation design questionnaire to better facilitate the design of future internal simulations.

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